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Our curriculum is delivered through practical based sessions which are learner led, learning through meaningful, realistic and supportive channels affording learners the opportunity to plan their own future and secure their own place within the community.  Each learner is supported and encouraged to make their own choices about their own learning and the pathway they wish to follow.

LINK19 College offers learners a bespoke programme of five full days per week. The emphasis is on learning through practical, hands-on experience in all areas of the curriculum. Throughout the curriculum learners are given opportunities to develop their potential by:

  • developing personal targets
  • building self-help skills
  • developing speech, language and communication skills
  • developing social skills
  • exploring real-life, functional learning contexts.

Supported Work Experience

Practical vocational activities are at the heart of each learner’s programme. For many learners this means they are able to pursue an employment pathway centred on supported work experience placements in their chosen field. We work with many placement providers in the community where interns learn the specific skills of that job as well as develop their transferable employability skills.

For some learners, the priority is learning essential independent living skills in order to become independent members of the community.

All learners follow an accreditation pathway appropriate to their learning needs..  The focus is to equip learners with the skills for life, work and leisure with an emphasis on planning the transition into independent adult life.

A variety of teaching and learning styles are used to deliver the curriculum with a focus on the development of independent learning and thinking skills. Learners are supported by a Work Placement Supervisor who works intensively one-to-one in order to develop job specific expertise. The Work Placement Supervisors are able to understand the learner’s obstacles to employability, the requirements of the job and set challenging personal targets. These staff develop the learner’s ability to independently review their own progress and move forwards. They liaise between LINK19 College tutors, parents/carers and employers.

Supported learning

Learners at LINK19 College have personalised outcomes identified within the Provision Plan in the EHCP. At LINK19 College these outcomes recognise that learners are young adults on the verge of employment and independent living and as such, aspirations and targets seek to prepare them for these aspects of adulthood. Tutors and support staff plan learning activities and learning interventions which provide opportunities to achieve these outcomes and regularly make adjustments to individual programmes to increase opportunities.

High quality, carefully planned, effective teaching enables learners to acquire new knowledge, embed existing knowledge and make good progress in line with their ability to increase understanding and develop skills in the subjects taught at an age appropriate level.  Teaching fosters in learners’ self-motivation, the application of intellectual, physical and creative effort, interest in their work and the ability to think and learn for themselves.  Lessons are carefully planned, teachers have a good understanding of the aptitudes, needs and prior attainment of learners and also of the subject matter being taught.  A range of classroom resources are readily available, are of high quality and used effectively to support teaching and learning.  A range of assessment systems are used to track and monitor learners’ progress and information gathered is used effectively to plan the next steps in learning to ensure learners continue to make progress.

The tutor is also responsible for day-to-day pastoral care and will liaise regularly with parents/carers and other agencies to ensure the wellbeing of LINK19 College learners.   We encourage learners to grow into young adults that foster their personal, social, cultural, moral and educational development. We recognise the importance of extending the curriculum for all to support the well-being of the whole person. Great emphasis is placed on the development of social and inter-personal skills. All learners have access to personalised pathways appropriate to their individual needs. 


All learners have English and mathematics within their personal programme. Learners are prepared for accreditation at Entry Level or Level 1 / 2 where appropriate.  The level of accreditation is dependent on previous achievement at key stage 5. 

All learners follow an accreditation pathway that supports their employability skills and independent living skills:

Courses that are currently available include

BTEC Entry Level 1 in Pre-Vocational Study

BTEC Entry Level 2 in Pre-Vocational Study

BTEC Level Entry 3 Entry to Vocational Study

In addition, some students are following accreditation in pursuit of their individual vocational interests such as animal care and construction, first aid and food hygiene.


The Skills Builder Partnership

Essential Skills

Skills Icon: ListeningSkills Icon: SpeakingSkills Icon: Problem SolvingSkills Icon: CreativitySkills Icon: Staying PositiveSkills Icon: Aiming HighSkills Icon: LeadershipSkills Icon: Teamwork

Essential skills unlock learning in the classroom, boosting academic outcomes, perseverance and self belief. They halve the likelihood of being out of work, and increase earnings across a lifetime. They even boost wellbeing and life satisfaction.

But access to these skills isn’t fair. And where they are missed, it undermines social mobility, productivity and wellbeing.

We think everyone, at every stage of their lives, should have the opportunities to build them.

  • Ifield School
  • Ifield Smile
  • The Education People
  • Disability Confident Committed
  • Skills Builder Gold Award
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Problem Solving
  • Creativity
  • Staying positive
  • Aiming High
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork