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Our Vision Statement

The intended outcomes from LINK19 College are to increase the opportunities for employment and independent adulthood for a range of young adults with significant needs whose statutory education was within a specialist setting.

Access to appropriate provision for young adults who have Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) from age 19 to 25 is extremely limited.  Parents of young people and school leavers have identified that the range of pathways open to young adults who have SEND has improved significantly due to the partnership that developed between Ifield School and North Kent College at the LINK Centre. 

LINK19 College has been established to continue to extend and develop the provision for young adults who have SEND and are embarking on post 19 education. LINK19 college aspires to be a pioneer for other institutions to follow.

LINK19 College prepares young adults for the next stage of their life. Working with multi-agencies, such as social services, health and other specialist groups, a web of support for adults who have SEND post education will be created, allowing them to achieve greater independence in their everyday lives. The college aims to contribute to the teaching of society, businesses and workplaces to encourage deeper acceptance and understanding of the challenges faced by young SEND adults, promoting successful equal opportunities.

The LINK19 College provision recognises that every individual is unique.  It aims to value, support and challenge its learners so that they can achieve success.  It develops learners academically, personally, socially and emotionally.  It provides flexible pathways, offering a range of accreditation that is adapted to meet each learner’s needs, while increasing their independence at a suitable pace.

LINK19 College provides:

• a pathway to further development, post-19, of employability and life skills

•  a personalised pathway, post-19, to prepare for life within the wider community with appropriate support.

LINK19 College aims to provide an outstanding and supportive learning environment: one which allows everyone to succeed with high self-esteem and respect for others in the community, so that they are able to take their place in society with confidence and pride. Our aim is to value, support and challenge our learners to achieve success.

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