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Our College

LINK19 College is a Specialist Post-19 Institution for 19 to 25 year old learners which offers full-time study programmes that provide individualised learning experiences. These programmes develop key employability and life-skills for learners with a range of significant learning needs, including communication and interaction (C&I). Learners may have associated conditions, such as an Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC), epilepsy or other health needs. Learners are likely to require a flexible level of support to meet their assessed needs.

At LINK19 College we offer a highly personalised and inclusive approach to learning.  We empower learners to take ownership of their own destiny by supporting them to progress and achieve to the very best of their ability, developing their confidence and supporting them to learn the necessary skills they require to support them in the next stages of their life.

Through our programmes, learners work to gain experience and learn new skills which will support their employability aspirations and independent living skills.  Employability skills are transferable skills required by an individual which help to make them ‘employable’.   Independent living skills encompass a broad spectrum of skills and are learned to enable a person to make informed decisions about their life and plan for their future, taking account of the many options that lay before them.

We support our learners to strengthen their resilience and expand the skills they need to make the very best of the knowledge, skills and attributes they bring with them on entry to the provision.

We provide an attractive, welcoming and stimulating learning environment to aid the development of our learners so that each learner is given opportunities and teaching to develop his/her ability to become a happy, participating member of their family, LINK19 College and the community, through the effective and appropriate delivery of personalised learning pathways. Our team of staff understand that the successful inclusion of learners in learning activities is of the utmost importance. We endeavour to create a well organised, conducive and ordered environment.  We aim to provide a happy and cheerful ethos that enables learners to develop their confidence through effort, success and praise.

Currently, facilities and resources are shared with North Kent College at the Gravesend Campus. Supported Learning Courses are held at LINK. We provide opportunities for learners aged 19 to 25 years joining from local special schools, and in exceptional circumstances. from mainstream settings, all of whom have Education and Health Care Plans. LINK19 College provides learners with the opportunity to start on accreditation appropriate to their ability within a supported learning environment in a mainstream college. This helps all learners to experience age appropriate social interaction, gain skills and qualifications and move to the next level or on to independent living within the community.

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