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Life Skills Challenge

Now you are stuck at home, there has never been a better time to develop your life skills! You can support your family and develop your independence all at the same time.

You can help at home with all those home management jobs that always need doing, even if you know how to do them already.

Here’s what you can do:

(Ask parents/carers’ permission first!)

  1. Vacuuming - Not just your room, the others as well!
  2. Washing / drying up 
  3. Washing clothes  (Sorting lights, darks and delicates.  Don't just bung it all in on 90 degrees!)
  4. Hanging out the washing 
  5. Ironing 
  6. Cooking 
  7. Changing the beds
  8. Putting away the shopping 
  9. Gardening 

Do you have older relatives who are stuck at home?  They might appreciate a phone call to hear a friendly voice and help them stay cheerful.

Keep a of record of how you have been improving your life skills.





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