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Attendance & Punctuality

Attendance & Punctuality

Attendance and punctuality are important for many reasons.  Poor punctuality and attendance, may be an indicator that the learner is experiencing some form of difficulty which may include personal, social or economic factors.  LINK19 College focus on recognising and supporting learners to resolve issues which may lead to poor punctuality and attendance by offering support to assist or advise learners of appropriate action.

Instances of absence and lateness will be recorded and monitored by tutors and the head of LINK19 College.  Staff communicate clearly the college’s expectation of learners to attend all classes in order to maximise their chances of achieving to the best of their ability.  Persistent absence and/or poor punctuality will be followed up by the head of LINK19 College with the learner and their parent or carer.

It is most important that we receive a telephone call regarding illness or absence, otherwise this will be recorded as unauthorised. It is important that absence, due to illness, be notified by telephone before 9.00am on the day of their absence and a note sent into LINK19 College when they are well enough to return. If a learner is unable to return to LINK19 College for five days then we would ask that a telephone call to the provision is made each day that the learner is absent.

Learners who become unwell at college may need to be collected and taken home.  It is important that we have an up to date contact telephone number, the times when the parent / carer is available and an alternative emergency contact telephone number of an adult who could collect the learner should the need arise. Learners taken to hospital will not be left unaccompanied.  Parents / carers will be informed and asked to get to the hospital as quickly as possible.


When new learners are admitted we ask learners, together with their parents/carers to complete a medical questionnaire for our records. 

All learners who are on permanent medication, or have an ongoing and serious medical condition, have a Healthcare Plan signed by all agencies involved and this is kept in each individual learner record. Staff are able to provide basic first-aid treatment for minor medical situations and accidents.  Learners may be released for medical appointments on receipt of a written request from the learner / parent / carer. We would appreciate any help that can be given by these appointments being arranged outside college time whenever possible.


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